Cristina Madrid

Yoga and Breathwork facilitator , Gestalt and sex therapist.

Colegiada M-24905


I'm Cristina, the host of this space for training, growing and healing.

I put on service more than 10 years of experience as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher trough simple tools of movement, embodiment, breathing and meditation for being present and whole.


Live slower, allow ourself being delighted by the experience we are in; let us embody it fully and reclaim the power of the present moment living trough us. In this blissful and present state there's not space for anxiety or stress; there's no confusion between the ecstasy of connecting with live; and the intensity of the experience seeker.

Connecting with life, with the simplicity, with the beauty of what it is. Awaken the intelligence of the heart and stop fighting for owning the reason. Discover the power of love.

This is what I practice, this is my service.

Let's talk?

There's life in every breathe

Por qué no experimentar cada uno de ellos?